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Useful Tips on How to Optimize Social Media in Businesses Today


Social media has become a huge part of our everyday lives. From sharing pictures with friends to connecting with people across the world; social media allows us to express and network ourselves through a digital medium. With social media's ever-growing popularity, now is the time for businesses to take advantage of advertising and expanding their brand.

The first major advantage that social media provides is better outreach and more personal encounters with customers. After establishing a brand/product, social media outlets give businesses a larger range in how many people they reach. If a customer is satisfied with a certain brand/product, they may feel inclined to relay this message to his/her peers. Think of it as advertising through word of mouth, but the person giving the message can inform hundreds of people at once. Also, if a customer is dissatisfied the company can reach out to them via message, making that experience more personal and productive.

The next major benefit, is that social media is a more cost-efficient way of advertising. It's less expensive to hire a social media influencer than it is to advertise traditionally. As previously mentioned, customers who are active on social media may feel inclined to mention the brand/product. According to Atanu Shaw of Forbes:

A recent survey completed by my company in Chicago confirmed the relationship between small businesses’ use of social media and building loyalty among their community of followers: 60% of respondents stated that they followed the businesses they regularly buy services from on Facebook. Additionally, 54% of them said that they believed businesses that engaged with clients and followers on Facebook were more focused on providing better service than those that did not.

As long as you stay connected to your customer in a positive manner, the benefits pay for themselves. Not only in keeping a loyal customer, but also gaining a better reputation amongst their peers.

Finally, social media makes it very easy to keep track the progress of your brand/product. Advertising with social media allows for business owners to better monitor how well their ads are reaching their target audience. The ability to see how long an ad was watched or how many times that brand/product is mentioned at any time is a huge advantage. This allows for a more detailed advertising report and if needed, gives the opportunity to make marketing adjustments accordingly.


1. The first step in obtaining a good social media following is finding your target audience. Know your customer and how to grab their attention. You only have a few seconds to grab and retain a person’s attention on social media, so make it count.

2. Know your social media outlet. Depending on the content, the way you present a product on Facebook should be different than the way you would on Twitter, Instagram, etc.

3. After you win over the customer, make sure you maintain them. Connect to them and be available to listen to their needs and desires. It’s more beneficial to keep loyal customers opposed to constantly trying to gain new ones.

4. Keep track of what works and what doesn’t. Take advantage of the fact that social media supplies you with the ability to adjust strategies instantly and provide up to date results. So, stay on top of it!

5. Expand online searches to include more than just social media. Utilize search engine keywords in order to increase the chances of your brand/product being viewed. The larger the probability of your company showing up in a search, the better the chances of getting noticed.

If needed, The University of Sydney provides a nicely detailed guide on how to optimize social media use; visit https://libguides.library.usyd.edu.au/c.php?g=717256&p=5196697 to learn more.

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