• Meghan Serceki

Props & Positive Parenting

November 20 marks World Children’s Day, an international holiday that celebrates children and encourages us all to set future generations up for success. Children are impacted greatly by the example we set. The behaviors and interactions they observe during childhood will greatly shape who they become as adults.

There are many different approaches to parenting, but all have the same goal in mind: ensuring the best possible future for their children. One such approach is called “positive parenting.” This concept relies on creating a bond between parents and their children, in turn cultivating a sense of responsibility, empathy, and respect. It has been the center of various studies, almost all of which have found that positive parenting leads to better outcomes in children's lives.

Positive parenting relies on consistently upholding fair and attainable goals for children, making sure to be empathetic in the process, and celebrating the achievements of the child. This sort of parental warmth and direction teaches children to be self-motivated, eventually hold themselves accountable, and to treat themselves with the same care demonstrated by their parents. Doing this means rewarding positive behavior as it happens, directly tying the action to a sense of accomplishment or fulfillment, as opposed to simply punishing incorrect behaviors. Children who are negatively reinforced may act differently when no one is around to see if they’ll face the same consequences, whereas children who are positively rewarded, learn to expand these behaviors throughout different parts of their lives as they grow up.

Rewards should be given almost immediately after the positive behavior occurs in order to reinforce it most effectively. Doing this consistently can be tricky, especially for busy parents with a full schedule.

Props is an app that can help in this journey by providing a structure for parents and children to reach these goals. Regardless of the child’s age or the type of expectations being set, Props can track productivity and behavior while automatically providing positive reinforcement along the way. It is a great way to ensure that a child’s good behavior is being recognized and rewarded promptly, streamlining the process so parents can keep consistent with the practice.

This World Children’s Day, Props appreciates all of the hard work parents do in raising their children and we hope we can help you along the way! Let’s give props to everyone striving to make a better world for future generations!

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