• Gianmarco Panzini

Low-Code/No-Code: Disruptive Innovation

As the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 crisis, businesses are looking to adapt to the this new way of life. Hands free digital experiences have greatly increased the demand for creating programs to accommodate these needs. Since app and program building can be quite costly and time consuming, Low-Code/No-Code solutions have made a major leap into the market. Low-Code/No-Code solutions have become extremely disruptive in tech development. Now in times of COVID-19, Low-Code/No-Code solutions begin to show just how beneficial they are to small and medium sized businesses.


The differences between Low-Code and No-Code solutions are very subtle, which is why they are brought up in the same light. Low-Code solutions call for little programming and coding experience, while No-Code solutions require no experience in coding. Drag and drop programs like Wix.com allows anyone to create a functioning program for their firm. Although Low-Code and No-Code solutions are creating a market outside of traditional app development, it definitely does not eliminate the need for traditional app and software developers.


The three major advantages for businesses to adapt digitally using Low-Code/No-Code solutions are that these solutions are cheaper, less time restrained, and are future proofed. The average price of an enterprise built application is about $150,000, while an app built with a simpler solution is roughly $25,000. This puts a lot less strain on businesses to transition to digital platforms making it a much quicker process. It only takes a couple of months or so to build a low code solution, while it can take up to 9 months to program and code an app with developers. Firms are able to receive their product sooner and possibly gain a larger return on investment (ROI). Even if a No-Code solution has bugs, all is not lost, since these solutions can be coded and updated as needed.


At Sesto Labs we recommend initially building your program through a Low-Code solution, giving you the opportunity to create your product sooner than expected. This makes your app much less susceptible to app saturation or app fatigue. Our team members will continue to work with you to optimize your app specifically to your needs, updating and building the app as needed. The goal of this method is to allow our clients to benefit from using their app or program earlier, creating a better return on investment (ROI). This gives you the opportunity to spend time and resources in other necessary fields, like marketing.


Low-Code/No-Code solutions are making a big wave in the IT world, however this doesn't mean experienced developers are no longer necessary. There will always be high end apps like Instagram and Airbnb that require professional coders. For smaller businesses, Low-Code/No-Code applications are the go-to for digital integrations. They are cheaper, built quicker, and allow for further optimization down the line. Sesto Labs is a large advocate for small and medium firms in utilizing these solutions for further business growth and success.

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