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Knock Knock App: A Creative Way to Drop by When You're in the Neighborhood

When creating Knock Knock, we decided to imagine a world without physical doorbells- the future. Large gatherings are on hold due to the pandemic, but Knock Knock invites the idea that in-person interaction can have more organization and safety. You’ll never miss a knock again!

So What Exactly is Knock Knock?

Imagine you’ve arrived at someone’s place for a party through a Facebook invite. You may or may not know them well, and you’ve knocked, but they are unresponsive. With Knock Knock, you can avoid the awkward routine of waiting outside, not knowing if you should stay, go, or blow up someone’s phone. What do you do? Send “knocks” to friends, then hosts, then friends of friends, even strangers, until someone opens the door. As long as the host has granted their permission to do so, you are welcome to come in!

Let’s Get Technical

When creating an account, users are met with 3 options: one for answering “knocks,” requesting “knocks,” and one to register your door. A “door” is defined by a GPS pin-drop or address with an apartment number and floor. The initial invite to a door isn’t limited to the app and can be sent via text, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp, along with the date, time, and any other essential details. It will then link your friends to the app store to download.

Once the dynamic between host and friend is established, know that you can only “knock” on a door if you’re at least 30 feet away. Something else to be aware of is that unless your door is made private in the settings, anyone with the app receives a notification that you are hosting a nearby event. That’s where the ability to accept or decline requests to enter comes in. Get real-time notifications when someone is at your place, whether you’re there or not.

We want to emphasize that Knock Knock is a safe and user-friendly app. We take your privacy seriously.

How Else Can You Use Knock Knock?

Disclaimer: Knock Knock isn’t just for parties or gatherings. We encourage landlords or small businesses to use it and manage their operations intuitively that gives renters and customers an experience they can come to enjoy.

  • Just like a secure gate code, use Knock Knock to manage access to your apartment complex.

  • Apartments don't normally have doorbells, so Knock Knock will act as one when you're not home.

  • Knock Knock can’t reduce 1-hour pizza delivery times. Still, it can let you know when delivery services are at your door, making it a lot easier to get your food or packages delivered on time and decrease the chances of theft (yikes).

Cool Features

We realize Knock Knock’s premise is simple on the surface- heck, if you really wanted to, you could knock on your hosts’ door or text them that you’re outside. That’s boring. Finding your door is a part of the fun, so we came up with some features for you to personalize your experience.

  • Customize your door and choose from various colors and add text or pictures to make your door stand out and represent you. Think of it like a filter that is unique to your style.

  • Record in-app videos to send or receive from your friends who are heading your way. Are you having a birthday party? Give them a glimpse of the decorating process because why not?

  • Do you know that fancy doorbell sound that comes with mansions? Choose music or sound effects to go along with your “doorbell.” Customize it according to the vibe of the day or event, like Happy by Pharrell Williams.

Seriously. Just have fun with it!

Whether you’re trying to get in or letting someone in, don’t rely on a doorbell, boring texts, or phone calls. Keep checking in with our blog, and look out for the new social doorbell, Knock Knock!

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