• Tyler Wood

How Technology Can Benefit Small Businesses

Streamlining Workflow

One advantage of a more technologically driven world for business owners is their ability to delegate and organize work amongst their employees. Through task managing systems like Trello, employers and managers are able to delegate, assign, and monitor the tasks of their workers with greater ease. Through this system micromanaging is limited and employee morale is boosted. Through services like Hootsuite, social media can also be streamlined and planned in advance by social media managers. While spreadsheets may still be useful, the planning and execution of tasks can now be automated, allowing for more freedom for workers and managers.

Connecting to the Public

The internet gives businesses the ability to educate the public on what they do, and not only from a marketing perspective, which we will get to later. Today, businesses are able to create an online presence with the greatest of ease. A website can go a long way in letting the world know who a business is and what they’re all about. Gone are the days of the phonebook, and here to stay are the days of “Googling it.” Need a local car repair shop? Google it. Need a local masseuse? Google it. Need to find the local library? Google it. Websites and Google listings connect businesses to the public and allow them to inform people on hours, location and the quality of service they can expect with the greatest of ease.


One of the most powerful business tools for a company is their website. As mentioned above, websites are very important when it comes to establishing a business online. In addition to a website and Google listing, which also falls under marketing, it is now easier than ever to buy business ads. Small business owners no longer need to purchase billboards and phone book ads. Instead, businesses can now budget for running specially focused online ads that target potential customers. An online ad caters specifically to someone’s current needs. Searching “Auto shops near me” in Google, allows a local auto repair shop to shoot an ad right to its potential customer, most likely resulting in the customer clicking the ad.


Something that is often overlooked by employers is the benefit of positive morale in the workplace. Some modern offices, like Google or Facebook, may use pool tables or open concept offices with a fully stocked fridge to entice their employees to be happier, but for smaller businesses, these concepts are likely not feasible. Instead, small businesses can rely on good face-to-face communication, and on the digital side, online motivational tools. For example, the Props app can be used to give words of encouragement to help employees reach personal work goals, as well as to give employees a sense of inclusion.

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