How Gamification Can Benefit Everyone In Your Life

Motivation can be a difficult thing to muster, even the most motivated individuals sometimes lack the driving force needed to complete everyday tasks. For some, learning or achieving a goal is its own reward, but for others, they need an extra push. So how is this accomplished? Some feel that fear is a great motivating factor, but studies have proven that individuals are more motivated by reward than by the threat of punishment. The process of rewarding a job well done is known as gamification, and gamification is one of the most powerful tools for individuals looking to illicit results from someone else, whether that be teachers, parents or bosses.

What is gamification?

Rewarding people for a job well done, either by points or some other type of reward is known as gamification. This system can take many different forms. One example would be a rewards system from a fast food place that gifts a prize of free food to a customer when they have accrued enough points. Another example would be an online game that rewards players with various items for playing a certain number of days in a row. Gamification has shown time and again to be an extremely effective tool, not just in marketing, but in many facets of life.

Gamification in Learning

Teachers have been using gamification for years, by rewarding students with various knick knacks for good behavior or reaching a grade goal. A student who knows they might get a piece of candy for scoring an A on a test could give them that extra piece of motivation to double check their work. Every facet of the classroom is changing in the 21st century, gamification included, with forms of motivation moving into a technological landscape.

Gamification in Parenting

Some parents might feel that strong discipline and fear can be enough to motivate their children to behave and achieve, but that’s not always the case. Depending on the form of punishment and how it is delivered, a child might actually be more motivated to act out and rebel rather than to fall in line. However, with the gamification of chores and school work, parents can actually motivate their children and prepare them for what life will look like once they’re out of the house. Points systems and rewards can be great motivators as well as clear precursors for how their work will be rewarded in the real world. How do you gamify your household? We’ve got that information coming up shortly.

Gamification in Business

Employees are motivated by the money and benefits they receive from their job. But do employees always perform to the best of their abilities? Some do, some don’t. How can you fix this? Certainly not by micromanaging. There's an old saying that states, "employees rarely quit jobs, they quit managers." Rarely does an employee say, “I love being micromanaged.” Instead, employers can motivate their employees by offering extra incentives through the gamification of their work. Even something as simple as being recognized for a job well done is enough to increase morale and drive workers to do more for their company. That’s right, saying something as simple as, “Good job, we knew you could do it,” is enough to increase productivity. And how can you effectively implement a gamified rewards system in your company? See below.

The Props App

By using the Props App, anyone can implement an effective rewards system into their environment. Whether this be in school, at home, or a workplace, using the Props App can increase productivity and morale. It also introduces a system of goals and rewards for employees, students, and kids to work towards. Learn more about the fantastic Props system at Give Props! Celebrate Wins.

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