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Benevv: The First Social Issue App

Be Benevolent

We are introducing Benevv, an activism gathering place for both the underrepresented and prominent causes of our generation. Benevv allows you to collaborate with our network of trusted Brands, Influencers, Nonprofits, and Volunteers to amplify your voice and the causes you support.

When you checked Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or watched the news this morning, you may have witnessed a traumatic event that has now altered someone’s life. Every media outlet has reported breaking news about police brutality, racial profiling, protests, and drastic changes in the weather. It seems that the pandemic has brought awareness to many social issues: climate change, Healthcare, unemployment, racial injustice, gun violence–the list goes on. Wouldn’t you like to do your part to achieve justice sustainably?


We decided to make saving the world more accessible and actively fill our database with causes you can search and learn about every day. We want Benevv to be a place where healthy education thrives. Too often, there is a lack of progression in specific causes simply because people don’t know what they are. Benevv is the solution! Stay informed with the latest news and educate yourself on dozens of social issues and causes, especially those that don’t get the airtime they deserve. Learn about their history and origins and follow them–yes, follow them so that you can get frequent updates on the efforts being made towards these causes.


Stand together or host a virtual event to highlight your cause or social issue. Benevv is a creative space to express why a cause is important to you or bring awareness. You can co host with your favorite Brands, Influencers, Nonprofits and share your event with your friends, family, and supporters in these spaces. Benevv is your outlet to raise awareness about a cause while boosting your brand identity at the same time. Your supporters can raise great money, and your network will become easier to expand. Work to obtain influencer or brand sponsorship, making the visibility of your cause more attainable!


Like many social media apps we use or within our friend groups, we want to be surrounded by like-minded people. A key Benevv feature is the ability to track and see which social issues are being promoted by the Brands and Influencers that think like you do or help you avoid those who don’t. Benevv uses social issue data to help drive users’ spending habits, shifting spend away from Brands and Influencers that aren’t contributing to any positive social change to those who are.

In all seriousness, the world around us is never dull. There are social injustices that are centuries old and budding issues every day. Now more than ever, we have to work together to create the world we want to live in. How will you use your voice?

Benevv is coming very soon to your smartphone. Use your voice to do the unthinkable!

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