• Gianmarco Panzini

Benevv: Social Media That Matters

Social Media is constantly changing in both its dynamics and user ability, but it has not been fully pulled into reality until now with Benevv. In its evolution, Social Media has become grounds for connection, communication, advertising, and especially as of recently, a podium for social issues. The social injustices of 2020 truly transformed the organization and planning of marches, protests, and other significant gatherings. During the time of COVID-19, engaging with one another became dependent on social media, taking social movements to social media and creating an entire new element within media.

Benevv is the spawn of this outcome. Social Media has lacked the leadership and organization necessary to carry out benevolent movements. Therefore, Benevv is the first social issue app. Pulling social issues out of social media and giving them the attention and structure that they need. Social media platforms are a good start for raising awareness on issues and events; but now in connecting with Benevv, social movements are more likely to become real and effective.

The mobile app Benevv can link communities and highlight social issues that have been quickly run past due to the rapid changing nature of social media. Working against “slacktivism,” Benevv gets its users off media and on to the streets to actively advocate for their communities. Media influencers can become more legitimate and genuine by promoting actual beneficial movements, not just products and content. Benevv’s gamification of social movements is the extra bit of motivation society needs to really get going on bettering itself, while at the same time making it more enjoyable for media users and activists.

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