5 Ways to Make Learning Fun & Rewarding for Students

In an ever evolving and complex world, it can be hard for anyone to focus, let alone students. Sitting in the same classroom, day after day, can wear on a child’s ability to focus, no matter how interesting the subject matter. That’s why it's important to keep your curriculum engaging for students as they learn. It’s not only important that the information be communicated by the teacher, but that students are engaged in the material. Here are a few simple ways you can further engage your students:

Teach Outside

Breaking up the monotony of the sometimes drab learning environment can go a long way in keeping your students engaged. Switching to an outside lesson can heighten students focus and allow them to hone in on the day’s lesson. This could be especially useful for a certain lesson that might be a little tougher. The special environment can help students to retain the information better. However, be careful that you don’t hold outside lessons too often, as it could lose its special quality.

Show Videos

When relevant, show videos that relate to the lesson being taught. Some students learn best in visual ways like educational videos. There are many YouTubers that outline various topics using visuals to showcase the subject in an interesting and easy way. These videos often pair well with in-class lessons, giving students the opportunity to learn lessons in multiple ways and helping them to better retain the material.

Use Games

Learners are more tied to technology now than ever before. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone under the age of 4 that hasn’t had some exposure to a game on a tablet or smartphone. That’s why it’s important to tie games into classroom lessons. Using templates for popular games like Jeopardy allows students to answer questions and earn points, a fun way to review for tests. As classes continue to transition from online settings, games like those found on Kahoot! can keep students engaged, even when not physically present.

Change Things Up

Like teaching outside, doing small things to switch up the day-to-day environment of the classroom can do wonders to stimulate students. For example, using candy like M&M's or Skittles to visualize percentages is a fun way to get students excited for math. Similarly, a chemistry teacher that showcases results of various chemical reactions will leave more of an impression than reading directly from a textbook. Making the classroom unique whenever possible is vital to being an effective teacher.

Use The 'Props' App

All of us, students included, love being complimented for a job well done. Using the Props app, rewards students for completing different assignments and tasks. Reward based learning has been proven to enhance a student’s grasp on classroom material and using Props, makes this system easy to implement and manage. Give Props and celebrate wins today!

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