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Sesto Labs is a global software Product and Data Innovations Lab that utilizes technology to solve complex problems. We implement inventive strategies to help strengthen our clients’ core operations and execute big data scaling with flexibility to create a seamless digital experience. Our emphasis on partnering with clients to continue evolving their tech encourages an adaptive mindset in order to improve their overall business success.     


We are an experienced team of professionals supporting various industries and working effectively to deliver customizable products and solutions to our clients. We focus on our individual strengths for necessary tasks and projects to minimize costs and waste.

Oscar Bueno
Chief Executive Officer​
Oscar Bueno is a seasoned technology executive experienced in defining and successfully executing award winning, high-value initiatives. He's a decisive leader who relies on relevant, properly sourced data to make pivotal product and business decisions. Oscar has a keen eye for talent and leadership, and skillfully assigns strategic ownership ensuring proper product development and meeting OKRs. By cultivating key relationships and enabling product and company growth. Oscar effectively negotiates with business partners, representatives, and associates to establish an optimal environment for achieving a company's specific strategies and visions.
Mohammed Patel
Director of Operations
Mohammed Patel has been in Operations and Product Management for the last 7 years; working across the Risk Management, Fin-tech, and Ad-tech spaces. Mohammed brings his skill for operational excellence to the table by rolling out products quickly and efficiently.
Corey Burr
Director of Design
Cory Burr has worked with some of the most innovative design firms in the country and has led teams for corporate giants like S&P, Alibaba, and PeerIQ. He brings world class UX, UI, and Design experience to the forefront to meet your company's goals.
Amanda Navarra
Director of Marketing & Business Development
Amanda Navarra is a seasoned marketing and business development professional with years of experience in multiple industries. She manages a combination of our marketing, design, and business development teams, ensuring every project exceeds client expectations.
Jonathan Lansey
Director of Data
Jonathan Lansey is an experienced data scientist with a demonstrated history of building and deploying machine learning models and actionable analytics dashboards in growing companies. Jonathan has managed small teams working in predictive modeling, natural language processing, and signal processing.
Kendall Murtha
Human Resource Manager
After starting her career as an Executive Assistant in the financial sector, Kendall has pivoted to Human Resources and began working for a number of innovative startups. She is passionate about sourcing the right candidate for the right job, as well as helping current employees grow and develop their skill sets over time to take on new challenges.  
Victor Regalado
Principal Engineer
Victor Regalado has been spearheading the development of internal products across many industry giants, including S&P, Aetna, Integral AdScience, and Tumblr, for the past 7 years. The range of products in his portfolio has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for these companies.  
Hugo Lafuente
Software Engineer - Tech Lead
Hugo Lafuente has more than 9 years of experience as a Tech Leader, leading the development of influential software in the Healthcare-Tech industry. He is working with several industry leaders to ensure their technology is of the highest quality. Hugo will work tirelessly with the tech-stack of your company to bring your vision to life. He also has a degree in Electronic Engineering.
Alfredo Larrea
Business Development Consultant
Alfredo Larrea is an international business professional with strong sales, marketing, customer service and business development skills. He brings experience from various industries in different companies to help with our business growth and commercial strategy. Alfredo is also trilingual as he speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.
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Victor Rodrigues has had over a 10 years of experience in Enterprise Architecture and Engineering management in fortune 500 companies and startups, focusing on Data Platform Architecture for large scale applications
Victor Rodrigues
Director of Engineering